Welcome to Lusaka City Council

Day 159… Monday 28th August

Malawi e-visa approved at 9am today – very quick turnaround and less than 10 hours.  Greta visited another Toyota garage in Lusaka a short drive from the hotel.  An appointment had been pre-booked for an oil and fuel filter change plus a look at the air-con system which blows out hot air.  Used the local Yango taxi app to get around Lusaka today.  Slightly strange when a nearby taxi driver accepts the job but then drives in the opposite direction but the app says the driver has arrived.  This happened several times before a taxi turned up.  Cash payment only.  Visited Lusaka City Council offices to apply for a marriage licence. Told that this will need to be done in the next town Chongwe an hour away.  All being well with Greta, we will be driving to Chongwe tomorrow.

Allen’s perspective…

Doesn’t matter where you go in the world local councils are always useless!

Also, we didn’t take any photos this day… hence the random photo of a train and a sign

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