We found Dr Evil’s secret lair!

Day 36… Sunday 7th May

Had a nice chat with guests/staff before heading off to Nzerekore, another 5 hour drive planned.  Road was tarmacked the whole way and only a few giant potholes towards the end.  Another day of no police stops!  Plenty of speed humps in the villages – some of them so high.  On our arrival at Nzerekore a couple of camping/hotel options did not exist and we drove around trying to find something suitable.  The town was hectic with motorbikes everywhere and chaotic driving conditions.  Parked up on the main road, we had a couple of kids trying to sell us chickens.  Finally managed to find somewhere with secure parking away from the town centre.  Dinner was offered which was a welcome treat so we didn’t have to resort to crackers and cheese again.

Allen’s perspective…

The east of Guinea is very attractive and picturesque, with a lush, green, undulating landscape peppered with small hills all covered in palm trees. The edges of the road come right up to the car, with overhanging trees and bushes which lurch out at you, requiring a sharp eye whilst driving.

We did laugh at one point where one of the hills looked like a giant b**b (redacted by Rachael) which I commented was really Dr Evil’s secret lair, ready to open, with a rocket shooting fourth.

Perhaps, or maybe it’s just the heat / dehydration getting to me.

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