Views on Guinea

  • Dry in the west, more tropical further east with palm trees and lush green vegetation/trees.
  • Speed humps in every village
  • Goats, chickens, cattle crossing the road at every opportunity.
  • Dirt roads or roads in bad condition.  They are being upgraded by the Chinese.
  • Locals washing and bathing in the rivers.
  • Ability of women to balance a heavy bowl of fruit or clothes on their head.
  • Humidity – sweat running down your face most of the time.
  • Mosquitoes and bites galore.
  • Locals collecting mangoes from trees with long sticks.
  • Kids chasing/playing with tyres.
  • Smaller goats compared with Senegal.
  • Motorbikes – main choice of transport.  Hi-vis jackets are worn by those that are licensed and regulated.
  • Very few commercial lorries where road infrastructure is not quite there but progress is evident.
  • Thatched houses with a cone roof shape and buildings are either sand, concrete or red brick.
  • Many buildings in construction or abandoned.
  • Beige school uniforms.
  • Police officers in blue camouflage military uniform.

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