The good life in Big Ada

Day 52… Tuesday 23rd May

Packed up the car, checked tyre pressure and power steering fluid – all ok.  Stopped for fuel.  Absolutely loving the friendly service and being able to chat and joke in English.  Book supplies were running low so found a book shop and stocked up.  Off out of the chaos of Accra and the busy highways.  Only one police stop – the dreaded brown card insurance request did not come up.  Instead the officer said ‘this car is not allowed in Ghana’.  All the paperwork was duly handed over minus the brown card.  The officer asked for the international driving licence (first time on this trip).  Waved on with no problems.   Great to be back out in the rural areas with potholes and very little traffic, driving through the village markets.  Our quiet rural hotel ‘Theo Good Life’ was a gem with great staff, bar and restaurant.  Sat happily sampling the local beer (Eagle and Club) and eating delicious food.

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