Not sure if I’m still wet from the shower or already sweating

Day 43… Sunday 14th May

Another incredible humid day.  Pouring with sweat and packing up the tent and car was an effort.  Headed down to the coast and found a working ATM and got local currency (GHS).  Followed a dirt track for several miles to our accommodation on the beach ‘Akwidaa Inn’.  Despite the mix up on the reservation, we were able to stay and cook our own dinner.  The owner was Australian who was very disgruntled with his own country and the state of the world.  Lovely beach with palm trees and huge waves.

Allen’s perspective

Today was the first time in 10 years I’ve encountered such crazy intense levels of humidity.

Following recent attempts to drive whilst wearing shorts I have given up and gone back to trousers after getting quite a few sun blisters on my legs. It’s a little sweaty but it works perfectly.

But after packing away the tent this morning I was drenched completely in sweat within minutes. I figured that there was no point in changing though as I wasn’t sure if I would then do the same to the next set of clothes.

Instead… the best course of action was to drive with the windows down and hope for a cool breeze. Thankfully we had one all the way down to Akwidaa.

As for Akwidaa Inn… when we meet up someday in the future remember to ask me about Trevor!

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