Noisy Hippos

Day 203… Wednesday 11th October

5 and half drive time covering 200 miles south to Sitalike.  Tar road for 2 hours and then a beautiful route through a forest along a level dirt track.  Road construction along a 60 mile stretch with diversions.  Chinese road building taking place.  Very little traffic and hardly any settlements.  Riverside Campsite lived up to its name with a group of around 40 hippo in the river within 20 metres of our pitch.  Happily watched them jostle each other for space in the river, occasionally yawn and then come out of the water to eat the grass.  Noisy creatures when trying to sleep in such close proximity!

Allen’s perspective…

The road today was long, but good fun. A mixture of dirt and tar, with some corrugations thrown in for good measure. Found that all of the vibration and bouncing around has semi broken the brackets holding the rear right light in place. This is a relatively cheap after market part I installed so I’m not overly surprised, but still, these roads are brutal on cars! Lets hope it holds together till Cape Town.

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