Mousing around in M’banza-Kongo

Day 80… Tuesday 20th June

18th border crossing today.  Road through Matadi was terrible and we got stuck behind a large lorry.  Border crossing very quiet and quick on both sides.  No other vehicles or pedestrians going through.  Back to the Portuguese language and Angolan Kwanza.  Very orderly Angolan side.  Dirt track for 100 miles to the nearest border town M’banza-Kongo where we plan to stay the night.  Scenic drive from the Congo river.  Saw a massive fish for sale on the roadside (possibly catfish).  Mountains and beautiful green landscape.  Bumpy road and a diversion for several miles where a new tarmacked road is being constructed.  Total drive time today 5 hours and 1 hour border crossing.  Deep red soil and dark green vegetation.  M’banza-Kongo has tarred roads in good condition, kerbed edging, pavements, clear signage and traffic far more orderly.  Some mopeds around the town but quiet and no frenetic beeping.  Had a long walkaround town late afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Allen’s perspective…

The road leading from the border was interesting, with a new road being built requiring us to take constant diversions along the left side of the road, then the right, left, right, and so on. Thankfully we eventually joined the road and enjoyed tarmac all the way to M’banza-Kongo.

A common theme in Africa seems to be having various animals or insects in your hotel room. This evening we had a mouse running around. Could have been worse!

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