More corrupt rozzers on the way to Nkolandom

Day 69… Friday 9th June

Off out of the chaos of Yaoundé.  After last night’s encounter with a corrupt officer and the social injustice of it, we were particularly apprehensive passing police officers in the city.  Less than 5 minutes after leaving the hotel, a police officer pulled us over and suggested that Greta was not allowed in Cameroon.  He kept tapping the steering wheel and spoke only French.  After a lengthy debate in respective languages (not at all frustrating) and where two other officers chose not to get involved, he got bored and waved us on.  At least in the UK, you have the ability to get the name and number of the officer and file an official complaint to take the matter further.  I feel sorry for the residents of Yaoundé who have to deal with corrupt officers on a regular basis.  Had a pleasant drive 3 hours south of the city with only a couple of police stops.  The rural police officers seem far more friendly to deal with. Our accommodation for the night was ‘Centre Touristique de Nkolandom’.  Very peaceful with beautiful views of treed mountains.  Friendly staff and great place to stay.  There were lizards everywhere.  Sat on our balcony enjoying wine, the views and lighting/thunder/rainstorms. 

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