Let’s dance!

Day 55… Friday 26th May

Pineapple and watermelon in abundance in Togo and we had plenty for breakfast.  Glad to be getting out of another hectic city where motorbikes rule.  The drive to the border was relatively short and easy.  The border crossing from Togo into Benin was very easy and took less than an hour.  A couple of fixers followed us around trying to help but having done quite a few now, the process is getting easier.  This is the 10th border crossing in less then 8 weeks.  Only 16 more countries to go!  Noticeably quieter roads and less traffic in Benin.  Drove through several rural villages and towns on route to our accommodation booked for 2 nights near the beach.  The complex was part of a cultural development project run by Vincent who lives in Bordeaux, France but who visits every 2 months.  Lovely set up and we were able to order drinks, food and watch a group of dancers rehearsing for an upcoming dance tour in Benin and Togo. 

Allen’s perspective…

I got properly grouchy with the fixers at this border. Rather than a friendly welcome, introducing themselves to us, what they can offer (border help, money change, sim cards) and agree a price they just yell at you they can help and continue to follow you even when you say no. Given this border was almost an exact copy of the Ghana to Togo border and very easy to get around we really didn’t need the guys. Even the more confusing borders we have found the Police very helpful as we are clearly not the usual folks traversing through them every day such as the lorry drivers. I plainly told them to go away and refused to look at them most of the time. In the end as we left the site they still asked for some money or food. Very swiftly Greta reversed, and we were off into Benin.

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