Kubu Island

Day 232… Saturday 11th November

Drove over the Sua Pan towards Kubu Island.  The tar roads in Botswana have been on the whole very good.  Once off the main road, it was 90km of a dirt track with sand in places.  Tyre pressure reduced.  Got stuck in deep sand – the recovery boards worked a treat on the second attempt (they hadn’t been used since the Democratic Republic of Congo).  Trying to work in this heat was intense – dripping with sweat.  Long 9 hour drive.  Our campsite tonight was a peaceful spot with no facilities.  Wild camping at its best (or worst).  Luckily our water tank was full so we had enough for drinking, cooking and washing.  A clear night sky with many stars.

Allen’s perspective…

We were told by the gate that it has no pitches and to camp where we like we were bemused to then find later there are some pitches dotted around, although inferior compared with those at Baines Baobabs.

The pan is enormous and stunningly beautiful. Kubu island itself is a small ‘island’ which plays host to many large baobab trees. I took myself off for a walk around for a while. It is so peaceful and relaxing a space, something difficult to find anywhere nowadays. A pain to get to but definitely worth the drive.

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