Day 16… Decided to split the drive time today as the original plan was an 8 hour drive and with the Mauritanian border crossing it would have been a long day.  The sensible decision was made to stay another night in the Western Sahara given the uncertainties of police stops, border delays and limited options to camp (wild camping is illegal).  It also breaks up the monotony of the long drive and unchanging landscape which remains the same for several hours apart from the odd camel and lorry.  Our campsite tonight was right on the beach and driving over the sand dunes was a fun bumpy ride.  Let the tyres down to 1.25 due to the sand.  Met with a warm welcome from ‘Ali’ who spoke little English but we managed to communicate.  He had a bar and restaurant and we sat chilling enjoying the views before having a lovely chicken tagine with salad.  Three friendly dogs followed us everywhere and sat guarding our tent all night.  Unfortunately there was no water available in the morning.  Bottled water and a flannel had to do.

Allen’s perspective…

First things first… I’ve given up with the use of the word ‘tagine’… it’s a Moroccan stew!

Ali’s was a welcome break from the road, and a beautiful, albeit quiet spot on the beach. Much needed after a boring days drive. We knew the desert would be tough and dull, but it seems never ending. At least the road has been pretty good, and Rachael is feeding me snacks to keep me energised and alert.

In the rush to leave England I seem to have packed my prescription glasses, so have had to resort to putting my sunglasses over my long distance glasses. It gives the police some amusement!

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