Attack of the mosquitoes

Day 46… Wednesday 17th May

We have decided to spend a couple of weeks in Ghana enjoying what’s on offer rather than racing through at this point.  It is nice to be slowing down and taking in the sites more and not being constantly on the road.  Also lovely to hear the English language and be able to converse without consulting the French phrase books I have taken along.  Our next destination was a short drive along the coastal road to Ko-Sa Beach Resort about 1.5 hours drive.  The resort was geared towards the Instagram crowd and European market but lovely site on the beach with palm trees and well-tended gardens.  The owner was Dutch and very friendly.  Again huge waves which does not allow for safe swimming.  I have discovered a new found appreciation for air-con units as sadly without them the room (or tent) gets extremely uncomfortable as night temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius.  The small fan we have in the tent was a worthy purchase and saves us from a complete melt-down.  Unfortunately both of us have are covered in bites mainly around the ankles and arms.  Deet is used daily but they still manage to munch and the funny thing is I have not seen or heard one mosquito so far on this trip.  Beginning to wonder if these biters are in fact very small flies, hardly visible to the eye and easily mistaken for dirt. 

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